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The exploits of Special Warfare Operators, such as the Navy SEALs, have been the subject of many a Hollywood movie – but reality is a far cry from what we can see on the big screen. Gerardo Sosa, a U.S. Navy explosive ordinance disposal chief, shared: “We’re not cowboys or adrenaline junkies. We’re not running […]

A Wounded Warriors Hiring and Support Conference, the first of its kind in the National Capital Region, was held in Alexandria, Virginia on February 2 to 3. The event was hosted by the assistant secretary of the Navy Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Juan Garcia, and the Naval Sea Systems Command and gathered more than six […]

A Navy SEAL being able to scale the Willis Tower is probably not all that surprising – but not for this particular Navy SEAL. The loss of a limb and suffering serious injuries did not deter him from accomplishing physical feats. A feature on Sign On San Diego recounts the recent adventure of Navy SEAL […]

A few days ago, we featured Navy SEAL Lt. Daniel Cnossen and told of his story of courage and heroism. First off, we would like to thank our reader ssgt leslie for clarifying the medal that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus personally awarded to Cnossen at Bethesda. We only mentioned that it was a […]

There is much talk going on about President Barack Obama’s recent Nobel Peace Prize win; we are not, though, going to talk about that here. But in our readings regarding the Nobel, we came across an opinion piece submitted by the mother of marines and published on the Canada Free Press. The mother, Marijane Green […]