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Ankle sprains happen to anyone. They may simply result from overworking the feet and lower legs. Anyone aspiring to become part of the Navy SEAL must learn how to prevent and treat these situations. An ankle sprain is a hindrance to the Basic Underwater Demolition or BUD/S Training. A mild attack may be healed in […]

The humble beginnings of the US Navy SEAL may be traced from its participation in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Due to the efforts of then President John F. Kennedy, this special training group was formed. Primarily, the goal of the troop was to check on the spread of communism in the Asian continent. The […]

Stress fracture is one of the reasons why US Navy SEAL wannabes fail to complete the Basic Underwater Demolitions training or BUD/S. There are two most common reasons behind it. One is lack of bone nutrition and the other is the difficulty to focus on the progression phase of the training. But for any person […]

Pete Wikul, the longest serving Navy SEAL in American History officially retired on September 25, 2009. Wikul had previously held the title of “Bull Frog.” This title recognizes an individual who carries the largest amount of cumulative service once they have completed BUD/S Training. This title is given to this individual regardless of rank.

Prior to even beginning BUD/S Training for the Navy SEAL Program you must meet various pre-screening rules and regulations. The following is a list of the most common pre-screening and eligibility requirements that you must meet.

Navy SEALs History Timeline

September 16th, 2009

The roots of the Navy SEALs can be traced to the Amphibious Scouts and Raiders group that was formed and trained for deployment in the Second World War in 1941. These Scouts and Raiders participated heavily in underwater assault strikes during that world war. In the 1950s, an Underwater Demolition Team was deployed for the […]