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Groups designated to fight terrorist squads all over the world will make use of the MP5 submachine gun during their combat missions. This particular weapon is popular with Navy SEALs based on the fact that it is not only compact, but it will use a roller-delayed blowback system that can use a locked breach position to make the gun itself work. This can make the MP5 uses a series of locks and cams to make sure that it works at a higher rate of success than other machine guns.

Although the M14 is one type of rifle which isn’t used as predominantly in the military as it once was, Navy SEALs will still use this weapon when the occasion calls for it. This particular rifle uses magazines and is gas operated, giving it a very powerful range. Any Navy SEAL can find great accuracy over 500 meters with this particular rifle, which can shoot up to 750 rounds per minute. Any SEAL may choose to use this weapon in a situation that calls for semi-automatic fire power.

When Navy SEALs use sniper rifles, they often need to provide silent but deadly assistance. They are sometimes used to provide cover for teammates who are in enemy territory acting out a mission. They are also often used to clear an area before sending the SEALs themselves in. Traditional sniper rifles, however, will be used to disable people to clear the way. Sometimes a sniper rifle will be needed to take out larger obstacles and this is when SEALs will make use of the M82A1 rifle.