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Although retirement pay will be granted to any SEALs once they decide to stop participating in active duty, most SEALs are still of a young age and can still accomplish much more in their lives. Many of them will go on to have long and fulfilling careers in other fields, using the skills which they learned in the SEALs to push them further along a career achievement path. They are typically very successful, as SEAL training has prepared each of these men toward pulling together a team and never settling for less than their best. Those skills contribute to a strong work ethic that can be valued in any situation.

Pete Wikul, the longest serving Navy SEAL in American History officially retired on September 25, 2009. Wikul had previously held the title of “Bull Frog.” This title recognizes an individual who carries the largest amount of cumulative service once they have completed BUD/S Training. This title is given to this individual regardless of rank.

All branches of the United States Military have very specific uniforms which they require their service men and women to wear. When it comes to the United States Navy SEALs there are three distinct types of uniforms which they are issued:

Imagine walking the streets of Washington during the night and seeing a man in a large trench coat carrying a gun. Moments later you watch in complete awe as this man is taken down by plain clothed agents.