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Thus far, we have provided you with bits and pieces of former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick’s transformation from SEAL commando in Southeast Asia to being the CEO of multi-million dollar fitness enterprise. A recent feature on Entrepreneur magazine provides us additional bits of trivia that contributed to the success story that is Randy Hetrick, former […]

Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL, has seen his fair share of battles and endured his fair share missions over the course of his career. During his various deployments he always tried to come up with creative and effective manners in which him and his men could continually stay in shape. While in Southeast Asia a simple idea occurred to Hetrick. Taking some parachute webbing Hetrick devised a device that relied on body weight. A device which him and his men used to do presses, curls, and flys.

The life of a Navy SEAL in active duty is usually about being in the most difficult of situations in the most unmanageable and inhospitable locations. It is, therefore, not surprising that one can never be a SEAL if one is not physically fit. Following a fitness regimen can be a challenge, though, when you’re […]