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While the M60 machine gun itself is still used by all branches of the US military, Navy SEALs will take advantage of two special types of the M60 for their purposes. The M60E3 is a lightweight version of this firearm and the MK43 Mod 0 is a type that was developed specially for Navy SEALs in the 1990s. The MK43 Mod 0 is special because it was developed to have a shorter assault barrel than the regular M60E3 and thus be more effective.

Machine guns will be a necessary part of many attack strategies that the Navy SEALs use. While there are many different types of machine gun which may play a role in any mission, the M240 model is one which is getting much more attention as time passes. This particular gun was designed to slowly replace the M60 gun for Navy SEAL operations, as it will give a farther range of attack with more rounds being fired per minute. The stronger and faster that the enemy can be hit, the more effective SEALs will be at accomplishing their mission.