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It has been quite some time since we last featured the Navy SEALs who were accused of assaulting a suspected terrorist. Things have turned out favorably, and we were quick to rejoice the exoneration of Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas and Jonathan Keefe. McCabe had been quoted as saying that it was time to “put things […]

We spent quite an interesting week last week; just a week ago the trial for Matthew McCabe had barely begun, and we are thankful that the proceeding turned out favorably for McCabe. At this time, McCabe is getting ready to resume his disrupted life with the SEALs, heading off to Nevada after a weekend off […]

While we were still calling for the exoneration of three of our brave Navy SEALs from the assault charges that were brought against them, we missed news of how two Royal Marines were dismissed after being found guilty of assaulting a prisoner in Afghanistan. Capt. Jody Wheelhouse and Sgt. Mark Leader were dismissed on April […]

We certainly hope that the good news will keep on coming. The latest on the assault charges against the SEALs: Navy SEAL Jonathan Keefe has been EXONERATED of the charges brought against him, a mere day after Navy SEAL Julio Huertas was declared not guilty. An e-mail message from Josh Irving of Support Our SEALs, […]

In as much as we who have been supporting the cases of Navy SEALs Julio Huertas, Jonathan Keefe and Matthew McCabe are rejoicing at this first of hopefully three victories, Iraqis reportedly reacted with “anger” and “sad shrugs” after the verdict was handed down, according to the report on FoxNews. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Khudaeir, a […]

The verdict is in: the first of the three Navy SEALs to stand trial, Julio Huertas, has been found NOT GUILTY of the charges brought against him: dereliction of duty and impeding an investigation. Huerta’s verdict was deliberated by a six-man jury, who made the decision based on the fact that they found too many […]