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While the M60 machine gun itself is still used by all branches of the US military, Navy SEALs will take advantage of two special types of the M60 for their purposes. The M60E3 is a lightweight version of this firearm and the MK43 Mod 0 is a type that was developed specially for Navy SEALs in the 1990s. The MK43 Mod 0 is special because it was developed to have a shorter assault barrel than the regular M60E3 and thus be more effective.

When Navy SEALs use sniper rifles, they often need to provide silent but deadly assistance. They are sometimes used to provide cover for teammates who are in enemy territory acting out a mission. They are also often used to clear an area before sending the SEALs themselves in. Traditional sniper rifles, however, will be used to disable people to clear the way. Sometimes a sniper rifle will be needed to take out larger obstacles and this is when SEALs will make use of the M82A1 rifle.