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It should come as no surprise that staying as far away from illegal drugs as possible should be a top priority for any Navy SEAL. Besides the legal implications of illegal drugs, they can harm the body in very fundamental ways and this will not help any Navy SEAL with being at their physical and mental prime. If you’ve considered the possibility about joining the Navy SEALs, it should go without saying that avoiding all types of drugs will be absolutely essential.

Pete Wikul, the longest serving Navy SEAL in American History officially retired on September 25, 2009. Wikul had previously held the title of “Bull Frog.” This title recognizes an individual who carries the largest amount of cumulative service once they have completed BUD/S Training. This title is given to this individual regardless of rank.

Many people are crazy about memorabilia and tokens from the US Navy SEALs. This is understandable, as the very name of the Navy SEALs itself evokes images of bravery, courage, high adventure on the battlefield and commitment to the country and its citizens. That is why any piece of gear that has any remote connection […]