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Although the M14 is one type of rifle which isn’t used as predominantly in the military as it once was, Navy SEALs will still use this weapon when the occasion calls for it. This particular rifle uses magazines and is gas operated, giving it a very powerful range. Any Navy SEAL can find great accuracy over 500 meters with this particular rifle, which can shoot up to 750 rounds per minute. Any SEAL may choose to use this weapon in a situation that calls for semi-automatic fire power.

Stealth is one key element of performing as a Navy SEAL and you may find that you need to take out your enemies before you can get close enough to carry on the mission. Having sniper rifle cover can also help when you are trying to sneak in and achieve a goal under the enemy’s noses. For this type of firepower, the MK11 will prove to be a great tool for Navy SEALs to use. This particular rifle is a modification of the SR-25 automatic rifle, adapted to fit the needs of Navy SEAL missions. This is a highly accurate gun which performs like the M4A1 or M16 rifles, except that it will deliver its ammunition to ranges of 1,500 yards, much farther than the other guns can be considered reliable for.