Maritime piracy is in the spotlight once again with the abduction of British tourists Paul and Rachel Chandler. Piracy is one of the situations that the Navy SEALs guard U.S. citizens and interests against, and there is no telling whether they will once again be called upon to be of assistance towards the resolution of […]

Paul Chandler and his wife Rachel were sailing on a popular route from Seychelles to Tanzania as part of a cruise around the Indian Ocean when, in the middle of the night, their yacht was boarded by pirates. They were awakened by gun men in the middle of the night and their boat was ransacked […]

We recently did a feature on maritime piracy and how it is still very much a reality in some areas of the globe. After all that has been said and done during last April’s hostage situation involving the cargo ship Maersk Alabama, which did not end very well for most of the pirates, one would […]

Avid SOCOM and PSP players who have been looking forward to the release of SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, which was supposedly set for a November 24 release, may be in for a bit of a disappointment. We are pretty sure that with the original release date less than a month a way, […]

Naturally, there will be one type of weapon which is used more by Navy SEALs than any other. This particular weapon is the M4A1 carbine rifle, which is actually a compact version of the M16A4 rifle. The M4A1 was specially designed for Special Operations Forces, which can explain why it gets so much use. Special kits have been developed by the military which make this rifle even more powerful and these M4A1 Accessory Kits can make this rifle even more effective, adaptable, and deadly.

In the wake of even more loss of American lives in Afghanistan with the recent death of 14 Americans in helicopter crashes, the President expressed how he will never take the decision to send more American troops to Afghanistan – and, therefore, “in harm’s way” – lightly. October 26 is now known as one of […]